How Early Is Too Early?

If you are in the planning stages for a new multifamily development or existing project rehabilitation when should you start analyzing your HUD 221d4 loan options? The answer is simple.  The earlier the better!

Our HUD 221d4 construction experts will go over your strategic plan and potentially save you time and money and make the loan process seamless. For example, FHA has very detailed third party report standards. If you are ordering an environmental review or market report contact us so you do not have problems down the line meeting HUD’s stringent requirements. Our goal is not to simply close your loan, rather to be a key member of your development team. You can rely on us to simplify your HUD 221d4 loan process.. Planning a multifamily development or substantial rehabilitation is time consuming. The earlier you start the HUD financing process the faster your loan can close. HUD insures many multifamily construction and rehabilitation loans in many urban and rural markets. Now you can leverage their data so you can determine the best unit mix, location and design which best aligns with your specific market and strategic goals.