HUD221(d)4 Energy Efficiency Benefits

HUD provides significant MIP savings and processing benefits for HUD 221(d)4 projects which have high SEDI scores.

Our energy consultant, Dominion Due Diligence Group, provided us with the following steps to a Successful Green Building Project and Desirable SEDI Score.

Design Phase:
 Decide on a green building program that fits your project, scale and project scope
 Weave green building requirements and features early on in the design phase
 Add a green building consultant or energy expert to the project team
 Include checklists/points sheet outlining requirements and design “scoring” points
 Hold a design meeting prior to construction to discuss energy goals
 Perform preliminary energy models based on design scope to ensure success
 Hold an on‐site kickoff meeting to review program requirements and energy goals
 Share green building certification checklist with all members of the project team
 Schedule a pre‐drywall Inspection to ensure successful insulation and sealing
 Perform diagnostic testing on mock up units (saves time and money in the long run)
 Update energy models mid‐way to ensure path to success and recognize any issues
Final Construction:
 Perform final diagnostic testing (e.g. blower door, CAZ, etc.)
 Provide final as‐built updates to checklists/points sheet
 Run and verify final (confirmed) energy models
 Issue green building certifications and final reports for developer/lender
To assist with early development of green certified buildings, development teams should
consider the following Energy Efficient Measures (EEMs) universal to most Green Building
Certification Programs:
 Energy Star kitchen and laundry appliances
 Energy Star rated Windows and Doors per your climate zone
 Energy Star HVAC 14.5 SEER rating or greater
 Duct work located within conditioned spaces
 Mechanical systems compliant with ASHRAE 62.2
 Energy Star rated domestic water heater
 WaterSense rated plumbing fixtures
 Building envelope sealing and advanced drywall sealing
 Proper installation of insulation (Grade I)