Assuming that the property will apply to refinance under Section 223(f) with Green MIP once all of the rehabilitation construction is complete, the property must follow the requirements in Section 6.6.1.B of the MAP Guide.

In order to qualify under the provisions of 6.6.1.B, the property must have earned a Green Certification listed in 6.3.1.B, one of the building certifications appropriate for new construction and substantial rehabilitation, per6.3.1.A. Therefore, Greenpoint Rated New Home would be required among the Greenpoint Rated Certifications. In addition, the property would need to comply with the general requirements described at 6.4.1 through 6.4.5 as well as the Energy Star appliances requirement at 6.7.1.

As described further in 6.6.1.B, recently completed (new construction or substantially rehabilitated) properties that have not achieved and sustained minimum occupancy required for Energy Star for Existing Buildings Certificate by the time Firm Application is submitted, a SEDI based on the as-built drawings and specifications will be accepted.

Greg Hunter Changed status to publish July 12, 2022
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